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A Day Wiith An Elephant


Amer View Hotel

Hotel Amer View was designed after ancient Rajasthani architecture, including the appearance of havelis.  The hotel has 24 well furnished, spacious, air conditioned rooms with exotic views of Amer Fort and the distant hills. All of our rooms have attached bathrooms with hot and cold running water, refrigerators, color televisions as well as other modern amenities.

Package Itinerary



Visit the elephant farm in the morning- Start the day by visiting the elephant farm. These beautiful huge creatures can be seen in Rajasthan and people come in huge number to visit these elephants. The day with elephants starts in the morning where you can go around the farm and see the elephants up closer.

Feed the elephant- Take the required food for the elephants along with you to feed them. The elephants mostly eat bananas, and special food made for elephants. You can go near it and feed the elephants by your hands.

Bath along with the elephant- After feeding the elephants, they will be taken to the place where the elephants will be made to bath. The bathing place will be a small pond like place where you can pour water on the elephant and make it bath. Even the elephant fills water in its trunk and takes bath itself as well.

Paint the elephant- After making the elephant bath, it will be taken to a place where it will be decorated and painted. You can also engage in this act of making the elephant beautiful and colorful. You can draw your favorite designs on the elephants and decorate them beautifully.

Enjoy the elephant ride- The decorated elephants will be then taken to outside. The elephant ride can be the best and most enjoyable that you can experience. You can get on the elephants and go for a slow ride into the jungle and some nearby places for sightseeing.

Play along with the elephant- Then start playing with the elephants. The elephant Polo is the famous sport that is played here and it is one of the most interesting games. You can get on the back of the elephant and play the game.

Sightseeing on elephants back- Get on the elephant to have a sightseeing visit to the surrounding. You will be taken to the elephant farm after the sightseeing.

By evening Return to the elephant farm- After the sightseeing visit with the elephant you will be taken back to the elephant farm, where the complete day with an elephant comes to an end.


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