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Semiramis Cruise

Stay in Egypt Cruise for 4 nights and Cairo for 2 nights

Movenpick Pyramids

The Movenpick Resort Cairo Pyramids stands at the foot of the Pyramids, only a short distance from Giza. Movenpick Resort Cairo-Pyramids Alexandria Road, Pyramids P.O.Box 1, Giza Egypt +202 33772555

Package Itinerary


Fly to Luxor and check-in to the Nile Cruise

Upon your arrival in Cairo, our representative will meet you at the airport and will help you board your flight to Luxor. A lunch box will be provided at the airport while waiting for the domestic flight to Luxor. Upon your arrival in Luxor, you will directly check in to the Nile Cruise. Dinner will be served on board the cruise, with a choice of 2 vegetarian and 2 non-vegetarian Indian dishes among others.

An optional tour for a sound and light show at Luxor temple can also be arranged.


Exploring Luxor

We will start early to cross to the west bank. As we enter the Valley of Kings, you will pass Deir El Madina, Madinet Habou and the Colossi of Memnon. Visit the colonnaded temple that was uniquely dedicated to a Queen Hatshepsut. We will then start our tour to the east bank, enter the Karnak Temple Complex, a vast area of temples, chapels, pylons and the Great Temple of Amun. Walk down the avenue of ram headed sphinxes that connect the Precinct of Mut and Amun-Re, and the Luxor Temple.

During lunch, we will cruise towards the ancient cities of Esna and Edfu. We will disembark in Edfu to visit the remarkably well preserved Temple of Horus. Overnight stay is at the cruise itself. Dinner will also be served on board the cruise.


Kom Ombo and Aswan

Cruise onward, stop at Kom Ombo and explore its double Temple, dedicated to the gods of Sobek and Horus. After that, we will commence once again for Aswan and arrive there late in the evening. Overnight stay and dinner will be on the cruise boat.


Exploring Aswan

This morning, take a short ferry across the Nile to Agilika Islands Philae Temple, a beautiful dedication to the goddess Isis. After lunch, Marvel at the Aswan damns- the Old and the High. We will sail to the tusk shaped Elephantine Island and gloriously botanical Kitchener Island. This evening, there is time to explore Aswan’s renowned markets. Overnight stay and dinner will be at the cruise boat.



An optional tour to visit the great temple of Abu Simbel can be arranged early morning. We will disembark from the cruise after breakfast. A lunch box will be provided from the cruise boat and we will leave for the airport for our flight to Cairo in the afternoon. Upon arrival in Cairo, we will be transferred to the hotel.

A light and sound show can be arranged at the Pyramids. Early and late evening performances of this spectacular sound and laser light show are a must see in Cairo. The voice of the great Sphinx tells the story of Pharaohs and their life story, and how the pyramids were built.


The Pyramids

After breakfast at the hotel, we will visit the Great Pyramids of Giza: the tallest man made structure in the world for over 3,800 years. The guide will accompany us to the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, to stand in communion with magnificent treasures of the Egyptian Museum- including Tutankhamun’s fabulously famous Gold Mask. Lunch will be provided during the tour. In the evening we will return to the hotel for an overnight stay.


Optional visit to Alexandria/Departure

Breakfast will be provided at the hotel and the rest of the day is free. Optional tour to visit Alexandria, the Mediterranean City, can also be arranged. Founded by Alexander the Great, with many unique attractions, one can spend the day in Alexandria viewing the relics of a bygone age. You can visit Pompeii’s Pillar, the only Amphitheatre built by the Romans in Egypt, Catacomb and Egypt. In the evening, we will leave for the airport for our flight back home!


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