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Art and Craft of Rajasthan
Art and Craft of Rajasthan
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The state of Rajasthan is one among the richest in the country and it is filled with many virtues which are concerned in all the forms and enhances the creativity with the form of art and crafts. The people of Rajasthan have the creative senses, artistic skills with many items like brass, clay, glass, gold, ivory, lac, leather, silver, Stone, textiles, wood etc with brilliant forms. This tradition of arts and crafts takes back to the 2nd centuries.

The stone and cave paintings, stone sculptures speak the History of Rajasthan and reveal the patrons with the arts and crafts. Many craft works such as in wood, marble carving, cloth weaving, pottery, armour, saddles, intricate silver artifices, tie and dye fabrics, embroidered garments, enamel jewelry, semi-precious stones, leather jootis etc can be seen in Rajasthan.

Lacs and Ivary

Jewelry: Rajasthan is rich in the form of fine jewelry of unique style. The standout traditional designs such as rakhri, tirnaniyan, bala, bajuband, gajra, gokhru, jod, etc are famous. The tradition of Rajasthan has the culture where men also wear ornaments such as chockers and earrings.

Ivory: The ivory bangles are one of the tradition of Rajasthani women. They use this ornament during auspicious events. The Ivory with shape and beautiful intricate miniature works on it makes it more special.

Lac and Glass: The Lac bangles comprised with bright colors makes best fashionable and decorative and item with beautiful works makes it amazing.

Sandalwood and Wood: The amazing carving wood works in wide variety can be used in all the objects. The special work in the sandalwood which is simple that gives a interesting look with the wooden crafts.

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