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Folk Music and Dance
Folk Music and Dance
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The folk dance and music are mixed in the blood of the people of Rajasthan. The rich cultural and the traditional life style reflect the Indian way of life mixed with the dance, music and different forms of arts and crafts. The folk music of Rajasthan consists of the day-to-day activities give a pleasant relief after the hectic village life.

The cultural and the simple folk style and the classical music and dance make the importance to provide the best entertainment. The folkway dance and music with the Rajasthan tradition gives some of the entertainment features for the people. Some of the significance in the songs performed by these communities makes the travelers entertained. The best forms of entertainment in the dance and music are,

Ghoomer Dance

Ghoomer Dance: This dance is performed by the women on special auspicious days while singing songs. This is a simple form of dance where the women wear colorful attires and move gracefully in circles.

Gair: This is another interesting form of dance which is performed during Holi. This dance is performed by the men of Jodhpur. This Gair dance is also carried in the Shekhawati region.

Chari Dance: This beautiful form of dance is famous in the areas of Kisherigarh. This dance involves a pot (chari) with lighted lamp carried on the head.

Kachhi Ghodi: This is a special dance performance performed by men with dummy horses. During this dance men hold swords and perform the dance along with the beats of drums and fifes. This dance is mostly carried out in the Shekhawati regions. Some of the other interesting form of folk dance that is carried out in Rajasthan are Fire Dance, Teerah Taali, Kathputli, Pabuji Ki Phach, Maand etc. Some of the musical instruments that are used which are handcrafted to give a unique music feel are Morchang, Naad, Sarangi, Kamayacha, Rawanhattha, Algoza, Khartal, Poongi, Bankia which can be found only in Rajasthan.

  • Chari Dance
  • Kacchi Godi
  • Puppet Dance

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